In addition to the security, safety, emergency management, and investigations, the Department of Public Safety offers the LMU community a wide variety of services.

Bike Registration

Along with the Los Angeles Police Department, we encourage all community members to register their bikes on campus as it can help deter bike theft and will also expedite the return of a bike if it’s lost or stolen. Students can register their bikes at the DPS main office in Foley Annex.


We offer the community a variety of seminars, which include disaster preparedness, theft prevention, rape prevention, and campus safety.

Lost and Found Service

We maintain the lost and found program. To report or claim lost items you can visit our offices located in Foley Annex during our office hours.

Engraving Program

We offer materials, engraving equipment, and advice on engraving personal property for theft prevention.

Safe Ride Home Program

This DPS sponsored program offers students who live off campus a ride home when they feel threatened or their car has broken down on campus. This program is not designed to be a taxi service, but rather an option for students in a time of need.

Student Escort Service

We offer students a safe walk from one point to another on campus. The student escort service is available during evening hours. If students, employees, or guests need an escort during the other hours of the day, the DPS will gladly be of assistance.

Vehicle Assistance 

We can jumpstart your vehicle's battery or retrieve your keys if you happen to lock them inside [Not available for all vehicle models]. If your vehicle requires more complex service, we can help you contact AAA or another tow service. 

Courtesy Transportation for Students with Temporary Mobility Impairments

When a student has a temporary mobility impairment, LMU provides on-campus transportation, when staff is available, through the Department of Public Safety. This service is available as a courtesy, and is not guaranteed to be available at all times. To request this service, the student with the temporary mobility impairment must contact Public Safety at (310) 338-2893. A call will need to be placed each time a ride is requested.

For students with temporary mobility impairments who need other types of assistance (such as accommodations, assistance with faculty, and other resources), they should contact the Office of Disability Support Services (DSS) for more information. The DSS Office can be reached at (310) 338-4216,, or by visiting Daum Hall, 2nd floor.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a temporary mobility impairment?

A temporary mobility impairment describes a short-term impairment that may affect a student’s ability to walk around campus. Examples of temporary mobility impairments include a hip, leg, knee, ankle, or foot impairment as the result of an injury, surgery, or medical treatment.

What is courtesy transportation and why is it only “as available”?

Students with temporary mobility impairments may call the Department of Public Safety and request a on-campus ride. If staff is available, Public Safety will dispatch an officer to assist the student. Depending on circumstances around campus, there are times when Public Safety may not have available officers to assist in providing transportation. Therefore, this service is considered a courtesy and is not guaranteed to be available at all times.

Where can Public Safety provide on-campus transportation?

Public Safety is available to pick up and drop off a student with a temporary mobility impairment to and from any location on campus.  Students may request the service for transportation to classes, academic events and appointments for campus services and support.   

What type of accommodations may be provided to someone with a temporary mobility impairment?

The Office of Disability Support Services (DSS) works with LMU students who may need accommodations based on a temporary mobility impairment. Accommodations vary depending on each individual student’s circumstances. Students are encouraged to contact the DSS Office to discuss their specific needs and meet with a DSS Specialist to understand their options.

How can the Office of Disability Support Services (DSS) provide “assistance with faculty” for students who have a temporary mobility impairment?

With consent from the student, the DSS Office may communicate with LMU faculty to ensure that appropriate accommodations for students with temporary mobility impairments are being provided.

What other resources are available for LMU students with a temporary mobility impairment?

Depending on the nature of the temporary mobility impairment, LMU students may choose to consult with their health care provider or insurance company regarding the use of a motorized scooter or wheelchair.

For transportation to, from, and around campus, students with temporary mobility impairments may choose to consider, at their own cost, widely-available ride share programs, such as Uber or Lyft

Community of Care (COC) is available to assist LMU students who may be experiencing any level of distress during their academic career. COC works with students to navigate challenges and to get back on track and can be reached at (310) 338-3756 or

Student Housing may be able to provide assistance for students with temporary mobility injuries. This assistance may include working with students to lower a lofted bed, or discussing housing options for a student who may live on the upper floor of a building without an elevator. To learn about available options, students should contact the Student Housing Office at (310) 338-2963 or

Are there additional parking options on campus for a student with a temporary mobility impairment?

LMU does not provide disabled parking placards; however, depending on the nature of the injury, students may consult with their health care provider and the DMV to obtain a temporary ADA parking placard which would enable them to park in any of the ADA spaces on campus.

Why can’t courtesy transportation be scheduled in advance?

This service is not guaranteed because circumstances on campus can sometimes limit the availability of Public Safety Officers to provide transportation. Public Safety officers must remain available to the entire campus community in the event of an emergency. There will, therefore, be times when courtesy transportation is not available to students with temporary mobility injuries, or when services will be delayed. Students are encouraged to make use of other services for urgent matters.

Student Housing Lockouts

When a student who lives in a campus residence hall or apartment misplaces their OneCard or gets locked out of their campus residence, they may procure a complimentary temporary OneCard during normal business hours by going to a Residence Hall Area Office or the University OneCard Office in Von Der Ahe. On evenings, weekends and holidays (when the OneCard Office is closed), Public Safety can issue temporary OneCards to on-campus resident students who have lost their OneCard or locked themselves out of their room or apartment.

If there are extenuating circumstances, Public Safety will provide direct access for a student to their on campus residence. A $150 fee will be charged. Read more about this Lockout Service charge. Students have 14 days to file an appeal if they believe they were unfairly assessed the Lockout Service Charge due to circumstances beyond their control. File a Lockout Service Charge Appeal.

Emergency Preparedness

View the Emergency Preparedness website for full program information.