In addition to the security, safety, emergency management, and investigations, the Department of Public Safety offers the LMU community a wide variety of services.

Bike Registration

Along with the Los Angeles Police Department, we encourage all community members to register their bikes on campus as it can help deter bike theft and will also expedite the return of a bike if it’s lost or stolen. Students can register their bikes at the DPS main office in Foley Annex.


We offer the community a variety of seminars, which include disaster preparedness, theft prevention, rape prevention, and campus safety.

Lost and Found Service

We maintain the lost and found program. To report or claim lost items you can visit our offices located in Foley Annex during our office hours.

Engraving Program

We offer materials, engraving equipment, and advice on engraving personal property for theft prevention.

Safe Ride Home Program

This DPS sponsored program offers students who live off campus a ride home when they feel threatened or their car has broken down on campus. This program is not designed to be a taxi service, but rather an option for students in a time of need.

Student Escort Service

We offer students a safe walk from one point to another on campus. The student escort service is available during evening hours. If students, employees, or guests need an escort during the other hours of the day, the DPS will gladly be of assistance.

Vehicle Assistance 

We can jumpstart your vehicle's battery or retrieve your keys if you happen to lock them inside [Not available for all vehicle models]. If your vehicle requires more complex service, we can help you contact AAA or another tow service.

Student Housing Lockouts

When a student who lives in a campus residence hall or apartment misplaces their OneCard or gets locked out of their campus residence, they may procure a complimentary temporary OneCard during normal business hours by going to a Residence Hall Area Office or the University OneCard Office in Von Der Ahe. On evenings, weekends and holidays (when the OneCard Office is closed), Public Safety can issue temporary OneCards to on-campus resident students who have lost their OneCard or locked themselves out of their room or apartment.

If there are extenuating circumstances, Public Safety will provide direct access for a student to their on campus residence. A $150 fee will be charged. Read more about this Lockout Service charge. Students have 14 days to file an appeal if they believe they were unfairly assessed the Lockout Service Charge due to circumstances beyond their control. File a Lockout Service Charge Appeal.

Emergency Preparedness

View the Emergency Preparedness website for full program information.