Other Services


  • Together with LAPD, we strongly encourage all community members to register their bikes on campus. Not only does it help deter bike theft, but it will also expedite the return of a bike if it's lost or stolen.

    Students can register their bikes using the form below.

    • Bikes, skateboards, individual scooters, personal e-bikes, and in-line skates are allowed on campus.
    • Hoverboards and third-party shared services (such as Bird or Lime scooters, Jump bikes, etc.) are not permitted.
    • Riding personal transportation is prohibited inside all campus buildings, parking structures, and designated dismount zones.
    • The use of personal transportation for tricks, jumps, rail slides, grinds, etc. is prohibited.
    • Riders are to remain in designated bike lanes whenever possible, and must obey all campus traffic signs.
    • Pedestrians always have the right of way.
    • Riders are expected to exercise care and courtesy at all times.
  • LMU Public Safety maintains the lost and found program for the entire university. To report a lost item, please complete the form below. Our officers will contact you to schedule a pick-up of your lost item once found and verified. 

  • If you lose your OneCard, are having trouble using it, or have been locked out of your residence hall, you may obtain a free temporary OneCard 24/7 at one of the following locations:

    • Area Office: Monday - Thursday, 10am - 9pm; Friday, 10am - 5pm; Sunday, 7am - 9pm
    • OneCard Office in the Charles Van Der Ahe Building: Monday - Friday, 8am - 5pm (excluding holidays). On Wednesdays the OneCard office is open until 7pm.
    • Public Safety in Foley Annex if the above offices are closed.

    If you choose to call Public Safety and request direct assistance for housing access, rather than obtaining a free temporary OneCard, Public Safety will assist for a $150 charge to your student account. This includes:

    • Direct access by DPS staff.
    • DPS-provided escort related to the procuring of a temporary or replacement OneCard as a result of a lockout.
    • DPS-provided patrol directly related to a lockout.

    A resident student who feels they are assessed the service charge due to circumstances beyond their control has calendar 14 days to file an appeal.

  • When a student has a temporary mobility impairment, the Department of Public Safety can provide on-campus transportation when staff is available. This service is available as a courtesy, and is not guaranteed to be available at all times. To request this service, the student with the temporary mobility impairment must contact Public Safety at 310.338.2893. A call will need to be placed each time a ride is requested.

    For students with temporary mobility impairments who need other types of assistance (such as accommodations, assistance with faculty, and other resources), please contact the Office of Disability Support Services (DSS) for more information at 310.338.4216 or by visiting Daum Hall, 2nd floor.

    More info.

  • The Department of Public Safety handles the approval and distribution of all on-campus film permits. To request a permit, please visit the DPS main office at Foley Annex between 8:00am - 5:00pm, Monday through Friday.

  • The Department of Public Safety's Security Systems unit oversees the implementation and monitoring of all access control, systems and alarms, surveillance, physical security and support services on university property. All information is recorded into a central repository and available for review in conducting investigations or forensic study.

    Public Safety cares deeply about the information security of the LMU community. As such, the Security Systems unit works continuously to ensure that all security features are encrypted with maximum protection.

    Contact DPS Administrative Coordinator Aaron Gibson at 310.338.2893 or aaron.gibson@lmu.edu for more information.