COVID Safe Return Initiative

About the COVID Safe Return Initiative 
As we prepare to increase staff on campus starting June 1 as noted in HR’s recent communication, Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) and Emergency Management will be facilitating another workspace assessment for all offices and suites across campus. In light of changes to Public Health protocol (and what we hope will be a continued easing of restrictions), EHS has developed the COVID - Safe Return Initiative, an updated assessment process that will allow for ongoing communication of protocols and streamlined support, to ensure that all employees have a safe and compliant workspace. 

COVID Safety Liaison 
The Dean or Vice President appoints one or more designees to serve as the COVID Safety Liaison for their college/school/department. The COVID Safety Liaison: 

  • Serves as the point-person for their area with EHS and Emergency Management, as it relates to COVID workspace and instruction safety protocol and planning 
  • Coordinates or conducts the workspace assessment for their area 
  • Serves as the single point of contact for staff and faculty who have questions about COVID safety in their office, suite, and/or classroom 
  • Works with their Dean or Vice President to complete the safety attestation.  

Training & Ongoing Partnership 
To prepare the COVID Safety LiaisonEHS and Emergency Management will: 

  • Provide a training in early May along with a representative from Facilities Management (and the Provost’s Office for the colleges/schools training) 
  • Host monthly meetings for all Liaisons 
  • Send updates as protocol changes 
  • Provide hands-on support as needed for unique workspaces or instruction pedagogies  
  • Be available to address questions as they arise in the months to come.   

Staff Access to Campus & Mandatory Surveillance Testing 
After June 1 and as soon as the workspace assessment (as well as the learning space assessment for colleges/schools) and safety attestations are complete, all staff and part-time faculty in in that area will be granted access to campus during business hours.   

When access is requested, the Dean or Vice President (or COVID Safety Liaison) will identify those who meet the requirements for mandatory surveillance testing. The COVID Testing Team will send communication to those identified, to provide detailed instructions for scheduling appointments, getting tested, and submitting exemption requests as needed.