University Status

March 22, 2019: In the late afternoon of March 22, 2019, smoke was reported in the trash chute of Rains Hall. LAFD briefly evacuated the building, before assessing the damage and determining it was safe for residents to return. No injuries or major damage were reported.


March 20, 2019: In the early hours of March 19, 2019, a rock was thrown through the glass door of the Laband Art Gallery. Upon completion of its investigation, DPS determined the responsible party and the situation has since been resolved.


Jan. 5, 2019: On the afternoon of Jan. 5, 2019, LAPD responded to a report of a possible suicide on LMU’s Westchester campus. LAPD and the L.A. coroner’s office investigated and confirmed that a man in his 50s committed suicide near LMU’s property perimeter on the bluff. The individual has no known affiliation with the university. The LMU alert system was activated due to LAPD’s presence on campus.


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