Active Threat Discussion Questions

The following questions have been curated in partnership with regional and national law enforcement, for thoughtful discussion on emergency preparation.

LMU Public Safety encourages all Lions to take a few moments with your fellow students and colleagues, and have an earnest dialogue surrounding the responses best suited to your classroom, workspace, or residence hall.

  • In case of an emergency, what are your best exit routes?
  • Explain the Run. Hide. Fight. method, and detail how you would react in this specific room/building.
  • If you evacuated to a secure location, where would you go?
  • How would you help those in need of assistance?
  • If you must shelter in place, where would you go and what would you use to conceal and/or shield yourself?  Does the door lock? What could you use to block entry to the room?
  • If you had to fight back as a last resort, what would you do? What objects would you use?
  • Does your household (family, roommates, etc.) have an emergency communications plan in place? If you lost your phone, do you have a friend or family member's phone number memorized to call and let them know your whereabouts?

Remember, just a few minutes of foresight can make the critical difference to your emergency response.