Advisory Committee

Founded in 2020, the Public Safety Advisory Committee serves as the representative voice of the LMU community. With members hailing from 21 different departments across campus, the Advisory Committee meets monthly to bring together the voices of diverse campus groups and interests -- fostering dialogue, feedback, and community involvement on all matters related to campus security, individual safety, and Clery Act compliance. 

We are pleased to introduce the founding members of the 2020-21 Public Safety Advisory Committee! 


Council MemberDepartmentTitle
Alicia Sissac Public Safety Investigator
Amiya Powell-Hodge  Student Housing/Off Campus Student Life Assistant Director, Residence Life/Off Campus Student Life
Brion Dennis  ASLMU & BlackatLMU  Student, ASLMU President 2021-2022
Bryant Alexander College of Fine Arts/School of Film and Television Dean (CFA), Interim Dean (SFTV), Faculty
Carla Marcantonio   School of Film and Television - Film/TV Studies  Associate Professor (Ex Officio Member) 
Christina Gustafson  Marketing & Communications Communications Manager
Csilla Samay   Office of International Students and Scholars   Assistant Dean of Students for the Office of International Students and Scholars 
Devin Walker  Student Leadership & Development Associate Director, Student Leadership & Development 
Devra Schwartz  Public Safety Vice President of Campus Safety and Security, Committee Chairperson
Fr. Eddie Siebert Jesuit Community Rector
Heather Hoffman Public Safety Director of Emergency Management 
Jack Palen  ASLMU ASLMU President 2020-2021
Jennifer Abe  Intercultural Affairs Vice President of Intercultural Affairs 
John Orozco   Student Conduct & Community Responsibility  Director, Office of Student Conduct & Community Responsibility 
Lalo Moreno   Ethnic and Intercultural Services & Staff Senate Representative  Director of LGBT Student Services & Intercultural Initiatives, Staff Senate Representative  
Lawrence Lacey  College of Fine Arts & Faculty Senate  Theater Arts Faculty, Faculty Senate Representative  
Lisa Jackson  University Advancement Services & Staff Senate  Director of Special Events, Staff Senate Representative
Natalie Aguilar   Academic Resource Center & Staff Senate   Academic Resource Center, Staff Senate Representative  
Robbie Williams Public Safety Chief of Public Safety
Roberto Aguirre Public Safety Director of Campus Safety and Compliance
Tony Kmetty College of Business Administration & Faculty Senate Faculty, Faculty Senate Representative
Vanessa Miranda Enrollment Management Director of Transfer Admission & Enrollment Services; Social Justice Scholars Representative